“We love our jobs because we’re making a difference in the lives of others.”

Each of our team members have unique talents and experience, but we all share a compassion and desire to make a positive contribution toward enhancing the lives of seniors.

Roberta Leslie, BHE, MEd
Co-owner, CEO

Roberta is the Co-owner and CEO of Aging My Way Home Care. She works closely with all clients and their families in order to put together a personalized care plan.

Roberta provides specialized Alzheimer’s and Dementia training for the company’s care providers, to ensure that each person is knowledgeable and fully trained to work successfully with our clients. Roberta is a PAC Certified Dementia Coach. Roberta cares about senior life, and also spends her time volunteering at Dogwood Pavilion Senior Centre and the Alzheimer Society of BC.

Roberta devotes her time to assisting seniors and is proud to run a family-owned business. She strives to generate a positive impact on the aging experience, and is confident that she and her daughters have the experience, drive, and dedication to make a significant difference in the lives of seniors.

Rebecca Leslie, BA Psychology
Co-owner, Director of Operations

Rebecca brings an extensive background in the hospitality and food industry to Aging My Way Home Care, that includes hiring, training, and managing staff.

Caring for people is Rebecca’s passion. She is an advocate and crisis worker for police based Victim Services, and works with victims of crime and tragedy.

Rebecca’s dedication to human causes and the betterment of people’s lives makes her truly fulfilled in her career and what it entails at Aging My Way Home Care. As Co-owner, Rebecca could not be more proud about helping start a company that is dedicated to improving the lives of seniors and maintaining their independence for as long as possible.

Meaghan Leslie-Gottschligg, BA, ADP (GIS)

Meaghan utilizes her skills in data analysis at Aging My Way Home Care, allowing her to analyze specific geographical locations and their demographics, in order to better understand our clientele’s needs.

Having grown up in a family where seniors were valued for their stories, their contributions, and for the part they played in shaping the lives and values of the younger generation, Meaghan was empowered to be a part of starting the company.

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