What our clients think about Aging My Way Home Care:

“I appreciate Aging My Way Home Care’s ability to pick the perfect caregiver for each person’s individual needs. A family member has just hired their services and we couldn’t be more thrilled with how everything has been so far. Thank you for giving her assistance, someone to talk to, and a little more excitement in her life.”

– Ms. Jones

“After my recent surgery, my family was unable to pick me up the morning I was being released from the hospital. Their Welcome Home Program was a perfect solution. The employee was kind, attentive, respectful and professional during the 4 hours she cared for me. My family was relieved that I was being looked after until they were able to arrive.”

– C. Martin

“Aging My Way is a wonderful agency with outstanding and caring staff. During my stay in Port Moody, staff from Aging My Way made it possible by assisting me with my personal care in the morning and afternoon. I plan to recommend this agency to anyone who is in need of assistance.”

– Janelle

“I didn’t lose my independence, I gained it along with parts of my life I thought were gone forever. My caregiver is incredible, thanks again for bringing her to me.”

– Ms. Jean V.

Here’s what some of our care providers are saying about the Certified Companion Aide (CCA®) program:

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for such a great learning tool, the Certified Companion Aid (CCA) Program. I was a CNA working for several nursing homes, but this program is so comprehensive I can’t compare it to the certification program for nursing assistants. The program provides a more detailed description of what senior care is really about. The chapters look at the senior as a whole person. The program also presents detailed information and diagrams every CNA or home healthcare professional should have. The CCA program guarantees each senior has the best care available. Thank you again.”

“I did not have a lot of formal [education] as a caregiver and the CCA program helped me to gain a better knowledge of what to expect as a caregiver and how to deal with certain situations. The instructional material was interesting and I think that it has given me more confidence as a caregiver.”

“The CCA program has taught me to be a more well-rounded caregiver. Instead of just being proficient at meeting the clients’ physical needs, I now feel more prepared to meet their nutritional, social, emotional and spiritual needs, as well.”

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