I recently had the privilege of working with Teepa Snow who is a leading expert on dementia care – http://teepasnow.com . She has combined her extensive knowledge and experience as an occupational therapist and has developed the Positive Approach to Care (PAC™). 

The PACPhilosophy

Through experience, education and research Teepa has developed an understanding of what it must be like to be living with dementia. Her ongoing research into brain development and deterioration has led to a sound understanding of brain function. Her PACphilosophy shifts the focus from what a person can’t do to what the person living with dementia can do. The result is a more positive approach to care. She has developed ways to respond to the changes in cognition and abilities in ways that are not hurtful or offensive. Through knowledge and practice “common reactions to the person living with dementia can become thoughtful responses that will improve the quality of life for everyone involved”. She reminds us that the person living with dementia is doing the best they can at any given time. We are the ones who have the ability to change. The person living with dementia is unable to do so. It is through changing our behavior that more positive relationships can be achieved.  This can only be good for everyone.

The 2-day onsite training I participated in is one step in the direction that will lead me to become certified as a PACCoach. I am excited about this! I look forward to completing the requirements and then passing the skills on to the Aging My Way care providers. Our goal is to have well trained staff who will work in positive ways with families and persons living with dementia. In Teepa’s words we are dedicated to “making a difference one mind at a time”.