Did you know that Aging My Way Home Care offers Respite Care? Are you currently the primary caregiver for a loved one? Perhaps you are a son or daughter and are caring for your Mom. Or you are a wife, caring for your husband. We understand how important the care you give is to not only your loved one, but to yourself as well. You enjoy being there for your loved one, and take great pride in this selfless role – however, at times you feel tired and overwhelmed. Perhaps you are finding it hard to find the time to take care of your own responsibilities, or feel like you’re missing out on personal enjoyment in life. There is no need to feel guilty about these feelings – it is natural and normal to feel this way.

We offer Respite Care services, allowing you to get back to the life-work-balance way of life. This does not mean we have to take over all of the care you provide your loved one with – you can ask us to step in as little or as frequently as you wish. It can be twice a week, once a month, or perhaps only once or twice a year in a casual manner. For example, you deserve to go on a vacation, so don’t feel held back, as we can help while you’re away. The bottom line is, whatever makes sense to you we’ll respect, listen to and help make a plan that works for your loved one too.

Why is Respite Care important for both you and your loved one?

If you feel like you’re receiving the rest, support and enjoyment in life that you need to be happy, healthy and more relaxed, the care you provide and quality time you spend with your loved one will be “you at your best” — and more often than not, your loved one will notice this and your relationship will become even closer than it already is.

As much as your loved one deserves the best care and support from you, you deserve the support that you need to be able to balance taking care of yourself as well.

Learn more about the Respite Care services that we offer to help support you and contact us today